waxing services

Waxing services

At Purely You Aesthetic Boutique, we use Spellbound hard wax and/or Moonston soft strip wax. This 100% synthetic wax is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, vegan, and developed with the highest quality ingredients.

As your wax specialists, we offer two different waxing formulas as it is important to have options based on the hair removal service you want and the sensitivity of your skin. We offer a free consultation with our waxing appointments and a quick patch test for first-time waxing clients.

Our waxing services are quick and effective, as we try to provide a waxing experience that is as comfortable as possible.


  • Brow
  • Lip
  • Full Face (Lip, Chin, Brow)
  • Under Arm
  • Bikini
  • Upper Legs
  • Lower Legs
  • Full Leg
  • Chest
  • Stomach
  • Upper Back
Smooth legs by waxing

Treatment Options


  • Don’t shave before your appointment. It is important to have at least 1/4-inch of hair for the wax to grab it.
  • Exfoliate with a body buff, sugar scrub or chemical exfoliant to remove dead skin cells from the treatment area.
  • Use a pain reliever 2 hours before your appointment that doesn’t thin the blood. Avoid ibuprofen or aspirin.
  • Wear loose-fitting underwear or clothing depending on your treatment area.
  • The least painful time to wax is 5 days post menstrual cycle (if possible).
  • Regular appointments are highly recommended.
  • Small areas every 2-3 weeks, Larger body areas every 3-5 weeks


For the first 24-48 hours

  • No spray-tanning
  • No tanning bed
  • No natural sun tanning
  • No hot tub, sauna, steam room
  • No saltwater
  • No exercising
  • No tight-fitting clothing
  • No lotions
  • No sexual activity


  • Normal skin types: may resume after 3-5 days
  • Sensitive skin types: may resume after 5-7 days
  • We offer exfoliating mitts for purchase at our boutique